Helpline - 100 / Women Helpline - 1091 / Children Helpline - 1098 / Whatsapp - +91 9168551100

Emergency Situations

If Firing Ocurs While You Are At Work Or Walking On A Street...

  • Lie down onto the ground immediately.
  • Do not show any unwanted curiosity. The criminal may feel threatened and shoot at you.
  • When possible, move to a safer place, slowly, without drawing attention to yourself. Take cover behind solid objects like a car or a wall.
  • If you can see the criminals from your hiding place, try to note and memorize their distinguishing features.
  • If you are out of sight of the criminals, call up 100 and inform the Police. If you are within earshot, try to remember their conversation.
  • Do not disturb the scene of the crime.

In Case Policemen Are Chasing A Criminal...

  • Give way to the police immediately
  • If possible, note down the number of the escaping vehicle and the identity of the occupants
  • Remember the entry and exit routes of the criminals

Contact Details

  • Phone :- 0253 - 2200495, 2200498, 2200499
  • Fax :- 0253 2309718
  • SP Office, Police Head Quarter, Adgaon, Nashik - 422003